Why Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is Preferred

Once the reality of needing spine surgery sets in, the decision to go with minimally invasive spine surgery as opposed to a traditional spinal surgery will be on your mind. There are numerous reasons to choose minimally invasive spine surgery and here are a few of the top reasons to help you make the best decision for you.

Increased Safety

Minimally invasive spine surgery requires a very small incision that will help the surgeon have access to you, but the most important part is that a smaller incision will be less traumatic on the body. With a smaller incision, any other complications that could potentially arise will be lessened.
Decreased Scarring

If surgery is needed either way, then this benefit may not matter, but if you can have a smaller scar that only requires a few stitches, that is a benefit. The biggest benefit of this is less scar tissue. Anytime a surgery is performed, scar tissue builds up and can cause pain and future issues. With the smaller incision of minimally invasive spine surgery, there is much less scar tissue to deal with.

Faster Recovery

After a spine surgery, most patients begin asking the question of how long the recovery will last. With minimally invasive spine surgery, you are only looking at about two weeks of recovery time as opposed to a traditional surgery that requires to six to eight weeks or possibly longer. The more trauma you place on your body during surgery, the longer the recovery time. Minimal trauma allows your body to recover faster so you can be back to your normal daily routine much faster.

Decreased Length of Hospital Stay

One of the last benefits to look into is how long you will be staying in the hospital. A traditional surgery has certain benchmarks that you must meet before the hospital will release you, and these can take anywhere from three to six days or more. Minimally invasive spine surgery only requires a few hours to possibly overnight before you are released to go home. It is common knowledge to hospital workers and to patients that being home after surgery is much more comfortable that having to stay in the hospital. If you are able to get home faster, that can also help reduce the time for recovery.

Choosing minimally invasive spine surgery is an important decision, but the benefits show that it is really a great option when you are looking at a fast recovery and more successful results.

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