Spine Surgery Is Not Always About Traumatic Injuries

Hearing about someone having to undergo spine surgery seems to create a vision of a horrible fall, a car crash, or something even worse. Oftentimes, however, spine surgery is needed for simple life changing situations like getting older, minor accidents, or even repairs from birth.


Degeneration is often related to age. As you grow older and have used your body so much, you tend to wear down the bones, joints, and cartilage. Due to this basic degeneration, sometimes spine surgery is needed and useful to repair areas of your body that are causing you pain. Spine surgery can assist in slowing down the degeneration process so that you can live a happier and less painful life as you are getting older.

Overuse of the Back

Another prime reason for the need for spine surgery is the wear and tear on your back, or specifically the lower back, while doing day to day activities. Of course, it could be lifting something too heavy or using the wrong lifting technique that could cause problems, but everyday activities can cause problems as well. Sitting all day in an office chair can cause problems in some people’s spines, as well as standing or walking a lot at your job. Even something as minor as how you sit down and stand up could cause an issue. Minimizing strain on your back is everything, and your spinal surgeon can point those out to help your spinal condition.

Non-Surgical Spinal Treatments

Spinal surgery, even minimally invasive spine surgery, is usually the last resort. There are numerous procedures, therapies, and treatments that can prevent the need for spinal surgery. If you are having pain or soreness in your spine, you need to be proactive and have it checked. Early detection can be a huge benefit and may allow you to be a candidate for some of the non-surgical treatments to prevent future spinal surgery.

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