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Patient Testimonials

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November 2017

Dr. Bidiwala performed my brain surgery this summer. He did an excellent job and related to my family very well. He addressed all their concerns and his follow-up care has been amazing.

August 2017

I cannot stress enough how much I recommend this doctor and his staff. I had an amazing experience and successful surgery thanks to Dr. Bidiwala and his team! Their quality of care is amazing and my quality of life has increased more than ever!

March 2017

After being treated at a different practice that seemingly only wanted me to undergo more steroidal spinal injections that didn't previously work, I sought a different opinion. Luckily, I had a dear friend and former patient of Dr. …More After being treated at a different practice with repeated steroidal spinal injections that weren’t working, I sought a different opinion. Luckily, I had a friend who was a former patient of Dr. Bidiwala's. She said Dr. Bidiwala was the best and he helped her tremendously. I took her recommendation and Dr. Bidiwala's office got me in before my next scheduled round of steroidal injections. I was so thankful for the thoughtful consideration and time Dr Bidiwala took reviewing my MRI. He explained surgery was generally a decision not immediately advised but in my case, I showed a genuine need if I wanted to correct the issue—not just mask the symptoms.

I had a Multilevel TLIF procedure from L4, L5, to S1 and had 2 cages inserted, six pedicle screws, and four rods placed and have never looked back. While I am aware that things are different, I am no longer in constant pain—and the recovery was so much easier than I had expected. I was so anxious and scared on the day of surgery I could hardly hold myself together but the nurses in presurgical prep, anesthesiologist and Dr. Bidiwala reassured me that it would be all right. I am so thankful to Dr. Bidiwala and his exceptionally skilled care. He has made my life so much more comfortable. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for my friend's recommendation. Saying ‘thank you’ hardly seems like enough. I scheduled my surgery just after fall final exams (mid-December) and returned to school by mid-January without any pain meds whatsoever!

January 2016

Dr. Shaad Bidiwala is a great doctor. He is willing to explain things in a way that you can understand and the steps he will take during surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bidiwala.

January 2015

Dr Bidiwala did a procedure on my wife to treat her trigeminal neuralgia. In short he did a fantastic job. He was great, his nursing staff was great and his office and staff was very helpful as well. …MoreDr. Bidiwala preformed a procedure on my wife to treat her trigeminal neuralgia. In short, he did a fantastic job. He was amazing, his nursing staff were great and his office staff were very helpful. It was evident each step of the way that his primary concern was for the well-being of his patient, my wife. His bedside manner is exemplary and his precision was evidenced by the efficacy of the procedure he performed.

From HealthGrades -

November 2017

Dr. Bidiwala is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. He is courteous, caring, professional, and was able to explain everything in easy-to-understand terms. I had a three-level anterior cerivcal fusion and I feel great. There’s no more pain in my neck or arms and I’m no longer suffering from headaches. It is wonderful to feel well again. I’m so blessed to have found Dr. Bidiwala; he is an answer to my prayers.

August 2017

Dr. Bidiwala is the best neurosurgeon! I am so thankful to have had such a great surgery and experience with Dr. Bidiwala. It couldn’t have gone better!

July 2017

My wife has had five unsuccessful surgeries since 2012, and our primary care doctor recommended Dr. Bidiwala. He was excellent and presented information about a complex surgery in a way that we could easily understand. From there, we knew he was the right doctor for us. On June 12, 2017 he inserted 18 screws and two rods from C3- T5 into my wife’s back. Two days after her surgery she was walking again and the pain was considerably less than she’d previously experienced. Thank you, Dr. Bidiwala, we think so highly of you.

June 2017

Spinal compression left me unable to walk and was causing my internal organs to shut down. Dr. B's surgery allowed me to walk the very next day. He quickly discovered the problem—after other doctors had missed it for months. He was caring and compassionate. He took time to explain my x-rays, the procedure, all possible risks and recovery expectations. But most importantly — he gave me my life back. I'll be eternally grateful for this amazing surgeon!

May 2017

I have essential tremors. At my first appointment, he told me that I was a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Dr Bidiwala and his physician’s assistant, Roxana Esfahani, always make me feel comfortable. They listen to all my questions and concerns and explained the medical procedure in terms that I could easily understand. My quality of life is vastly improved thanks to God and Dr. Bidiwala. He is a skilled, knowledgeable and caring surgeon. The best.

November 2016

Dr. Shaad Bidiwala is far and away the best doctor I have ever met. There isn’t anything I could say that would do justice to the man. He is intelligent, compassionate, caring, and truly outstanding as a neurosurgeon. I count myself truly lucky to have found him.

October 2016

After doing a lot of research and seeing that Dr. Bidiwala was voted one of the best doctors in D Magazine, I knew he was the doctor for me. My husband is an engineer and is hard to impress, but he was impressed with Dr. Bidiwala's knowledge and experience. Dr. Bidiwala and his staff are welcoming and very professional. I had spine surgery in July and am feeling better than I have in years! I definitely recommend Dr. Bidiwala.

May 2016

Thanks to Dr. Bidiwala, my husband has recovered from severe back and leg pain that nearly stopped him from normal everyday activities. Dr. Bidiwala’s incredible work as a neurosurgeon was evident throughout his entire eight week recovery process. My husband was able to return to work without restrictions; 100 percent recovered and pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Bidiwala, he is the best!

May 2016

Dr. Bidiwala’s bedside manner is impeccable. He is a very kind and concerned doctor. My husband and I felt very comfortable during our first visit. He is very explanatory and listens to you. I highly recommend Dr. Bidiwala.

From RateMDs –

December 2017

I had a spinal fusion and it is PERFECT! I have recommended Dr. Bidiwala to friends and family—he is my neurosurgeon for life. His staff is also amazing.

July 2017

Dr. Bidiwala is very knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend him.

July 2017

We think so highly of Dr. Bidiwala that I’ve been passing out his business cards. WE LOVE YOU, DR. BIDIWALA! You and your staff are very wonderful people. Thank you for giving my wife her life back.

April 2017

I had not slept in a bed for a year due to debilitating pain in my extremities. I was desperate for a solution. A friend recommended Dr. Bidiwala. He performed my back surgery, which included placing two rods and four screws, as well as removing a synovial cyst. He ensured I had excellent rehab care as well. I truly believe he was an answer to prayers. My quality of life is great now, thanks to God and Dr. Bidiwala. He is a skilled, knowledgeable, caring surgeon who I would rate to be at the top of his field. He is the best of the best!

February 2017

Dr. Bidiwala is very knowledgeable, super nice and explained everything in easy-to-understand terms. His staff was very helpful, friendly and professional as well.

July 2016

I was referred to Dr. Bidiwala from my general practitioner. Dr. Bidiwala and his staff were professional, punctual, informative and thorough with my diagnosis and treatment. The results of my treatment could not have been better. I have to give a big 'thumbs up' on all counts. After years of lower back pain, I am pain free and most thankful to Dr. Bidiwala for my new lease on life.

May 2016

Dr. Bidiwala performed emergency surgery on my neck and fixed it. He truly cares about his patients, actively listens when you talk and really knows what he is doing. He is the best. Thank you, Dr. B.!

April 2016

After suffering a host of symptoms for years, Dr. Bidiwala performed a level three ACDF surgery. My symptoms are gone—completely—and I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Bidiwala is kind, patient, brilliant and has an excellent sense of humor. His staff is extremely helpful and promptly returns calls in case you have any questions. I cannot recommend him enough!

February 2016

Dr. Bidiwala successfully performed surgery on my mom's neck. From the moment we met him until our last day of her recovery he was amazing! His staff, Tiffany, Tammy and Lana, were awesome. I am a nurse and I would highly recommend him. He also has a very good bedside manner.

September 2014

Dr. Bidiwala performed successful brain tumor surgery on my brother last week. He is number one in my book. Thank you, Dr. B., for being there for my family.

May 2013

Dr. Bidiwala is incredible! He is extremely knowledgeable and personable. I am blessed to have found him. I had a C5-C6 and C6-C7 disc replacement due to spinal cord impingement, which was causing severe numbness in my right hand and arm. As an artist, the inability to work on a painting for more than 30 minutes at a time was devastating. This week—just four months post-surgery—I’ve spent two 10-hour days painting without a problem. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bidiwala.

May 2013

When I was in a desperate situation with a rare disease that was worsening every day, my primary care physician found Dr. Bidiwala. He and his staff worked quickly to get me in, despite it being a holiday weekend. He, his staff and another doctor were extremely efficient, kind, and caring—not to mention selfless for giving up their holiday to help me.

May 2013

Dr. Bidiwala and his staff are awesome! I had a herniated disc in my neck at C3-C4 that was protruding into my spinal cord with numbness in my hands and arms. In an urgent situation, he made sure I had an appointment and decided to perform surgery the very next day—a Saturday! He called in a team to work on Saturday just for me! They were all so friendly and never made me feel like an imposition. Also, I was always so impressed that Dr. Bidiwala would take the time to stop and say hello, even if we weren’t there for an appointment with him. The entire experience was positive and I have told everyone about Dr. Bidiwala and his staff.

June 2012

Dr. Bidiwala has excellent bedside manner. He is very professional and explains everything to the patient in a way that you can easily understand. His staff is very patient and handles any concerns. His nurse practitioner is very thorough.

June 2012

Dr. Bidiwala and his staff are very knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Bidiwala takes a personal interest in his patients, truly cares about them and uses his God-given talents to treat them according to their individual needs.

February 2012

Dr. Bidiwala and his staff are a pleasure to speak with and learn from. When I was having my surgery, they were comforting, informative and patient with my family, which I truly appreciate. My ongoing visits are always positive and I know I'm in good hands.

December 2011

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bidiwala and his staff. He is very caring, knowledgeable and a perfectionist. I had severe back pain for two years; Dr. Bidiwala is the only one that actually helped me. His office staff is always polite and courteous as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Bidiwala to anyone who is in need of a Neurosurgeon.

December 2011

I can walk again after my surgery with the X-LIF procedure. Thank you so much, Dr. Bidiwala, for giving me the ability to walk long distances again when other doctors said I would need a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

November 2011

Dr. Bidiwala is the best doctor that has ever treated me. My surgery was a huge success. Dr. B. explained everything that I asked about in a way that I could easily understand.

December 2011

Before my fusion surgery, I had pain in my legs and back. It was so bad I thought I would have to stop working. Thanks to Dr. Bidiwala, I'm back at work and the pain is gone. Thank you, Dr. Bidiwala.

September 2011

Dr. Bidiwala is a very caring doctor; I recommend him to everyone I know. I can walk again because he and his team did a great job.

April 2011

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Bidiwala and his staff. Before he performed my surgery, he made sure I understood each step of the procedure. To be honest, I was nervous. His manner was so gentle and calming—just when I needed it. I highly recommend him to anyone considering disc replacement surgery.

April 2011

Dr. Bidiwala is by far the best neurosurgeon I have ever seen. He has a fabulous bedside manner, is very knowledgeable and answers all of your questions. His staff is also fabulous. I recommend him to anyone in need of his specialty.

April 2011

I am a cancer patient at the new Baylor Sammons Cancer Center. I lost my left lung to cancer last summer and developed brain cancer this spring. Dr. Bidiwala saved me from losing the function of my left side. I had a brain tumor that was threatening to paralyze me. He was able to remove a three quarter inch tumor and tells me I will regain full function and feeling in my hand, lip and foot. I am already much better. I am very thankful for the level of skill, care and understanding that I am receiving. I am amazed at what can be done to save a person’s life these days, and I am thankful to be that person. Thank you, Dr. Bidiwala!

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January 2018

I originally went to see Dr. Bidiwala for a second opinion on a cervical fusion procedure. I was immediately impressed with his patience, understanding and great communication. His recommendation for the fusion seemed much more practical and less risky than what I had been told previously, so I chose him to do the surgery. I am so glad I did! The surgery and recovery have gone smoothly—with almost no pain. I have good range of motion and the nerve regeneration from prior damage is getting consistently better. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Bidiwala's skills and bedside manner. He is truly a caring and understanding provider. His office staff was also terrific and helped make dealing with my insurance virtually painless as well.

August 2017

Dr. Bidiwala has saved my quality of life! I am beyond thankful that God placed him in my path! He is, above and beyond, the best neurosurgeon. He truly cares about helping his patients!

August 2017

Dr. Bidiwala and his team are amazing! My process with them was easy and life changing! I am beyond thankful and thrilled that I had such an amazing neurosurgeon. He saved my quality of life—I have NEVER felt better!

June 2017

Dr. Bidiwala is an awesome, caring doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of spine surgery. I will definitely go back to him, should I need further back surgery.

June 2016

Dr. Bidiwala is a terrific doctor that was able to relieve my pain after a year of hurting.

March 2016

I would—and have—recommended Dr. Shaad Bidiwala to anyone having back issues. He is honest and explains everything to ensure you understand the procedure. I had previously met with two other doctors, but it was clear that Dr. Bidiwala had the best bedside manner as well as my interests at heart. Dr. Bidiwala came highly recommended—now I understand why.

December 2015

I was in pain and Dr. Shaad Bidiwala didn't take long to find out why. I had my surgery shortly after my diagnosis and felt so much better. Dr. Bidiwala is a REALLY nice doctor and explains things in a way that can be easily understand. I always felt taken care of. His office is clean and his staff is caring. It is easy to make yourself understood. You’re in and out of your appointments fairly quickly—but with no short cuts to your well-being. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bidiwala.

November 2015

Dr. Bidiwala is the best! I have referred several friends and family members to him. I've had two surgeries and my husband’s had one—each has been a very positive experience, thanks to Dr. Bidiwala.

September 2015

I would definitely recommend Dr. Bidiwala to anyone! I have used him twice and his procedures were very successful. He is a TERRIFIC Neurosurgeon!

January 2014

Dr. Bidiwala knew I needed surgery, but there were several areas of concern. It took a while, but he narrowed it down to one area. I had surgery and am doing well. Thank you, Dr. Bidiwala. You and your staff gave me a quality of life beyond my expectations.

July 2013

After occasional numbness in my legs, I decided to have an MRI, which revealed two cysts in my lower back. My neighbor was a former patient of Dr. Bidiwala and recommended him. My wife was with me during my first appointment and we were both impressed with Dr. Bidiwala and his staff. He reviewed my MRI and went to great length explaining the procedure that would remove the cysts. My surgery was completed with great success, thank you, Dr. Bidiwala!

June 2012

Dr. Bidiwala is very professional and courteous. He treats you with respect and dignity.

March 2012

Dr. Bidiwala gave me my life back. He was very prompt and to the point. He and his staff never once overlooked my condition and took me seriously when other neurosurgeons did not. Dr. Bidiwala is an exceptional surgeon and I am forever grateful! Thank you!

February 2012

I couldn't be more pleased with my experiences with Dr. Bidiwala. Everything from my surgery to office visits has been pleasant and informative. He and his staff are kind, caring and always patient with you and loved ones. No question goes unanswered and I feel quite safe in their hands.

December 2011

I highly recommend Dr. Bidiwala to anyone in need of a great neurosurgeon. I had severe back pain for two years and he is the only one that actually helped me. Dr. Bidiwala is very caring and knowledgeable. His staff is very courteous.

September 2011

I’m walking again! Dr. Bidiwala saw the pain I was in, explained what was causing it and told me what needed to be done. He is a doctor who truly cares about improving quality of life. I recommend him to everyone.

August 2011

Dr. Bidiwala did an excellent job. I am now pain free and able to work again. I'd been having severe leg pain for months and he was able to fix me right up. Thanks, Dr. B.!

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